Not all lenders are the same, we can guide you through the best options.

First Time Buyers MortgageWe can guide you through the best options. Not all lenders are the same and we will work out who is best for you based on the amount of deposit you have, your incomes and any debts you may have.

We can save you time by doing all the leg work for you and often there may only be one bank/lender who will approve your application.

With the constant changes in lending criteria and interest rates we can give you independent advise as well as structure your loan to meet your needs. Dealing with banks/lenders on a day to day basis we know of their expectations and can present your application to their criteria increasing your approval chances. We will also negotiate fees, interest rate discounts and contributions to legal costs.

We are happy to deal with your own bank for you. We will compare interest rates and negotiate on your behalf. As we have all the required information we can quickly send it to another bank/lender if they have a better offer or you have problems with the approval.

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