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House, Contents and Car Insurance

When you take out a mortgage you need to confirm to your solicitor house insurance is in place prior to settlement. They will require a copy of the policy or a cover note.

Insurance The bank/lender needs confirmation the house is insured before they will advance the mortgage.

You are generally better of to arrange house, contents and vehicle insurance with the same company as you will receive extra discounts based on the number of policies you have.

Life, Income Protection, Critical Care Insurance

There are specialised insurance companies that deal in this area who are quite separate to those above.

Life Cover

Life cover normally corresponds to your mortgage amount. The payment of a lump sum on death will ensure that your loan obligations are met.

Critical Care/Trauma

Critical Care insurers you against serious illness. A lump sum payment will be paid should you suffer a serious illness.

This will enable you to re assess your options knowing you have money to cover your immediate needs.

Income Protection – Mortgage purposes

A set monthly payment to cover your mortgage if you are absent (sick/injured) from work for 30 days or more. Generally set around your mortgage payment amount.
This ensures your mortgage is paid if you are off work for longer than 30 days.

With Income Protection there is a waiver of premium which means you make no insurance premium payments if you are receiving an income protection payment.

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