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We do the groundwork and shop around for the best option for you

We are experienced Mortgage Advisers who can guide you through your mortgage and home loan options. We provide a quick assessment of what you can borrow, your repayments and we can arrange a pre-approval of your finance.

We specialise in residential mortgages. With 20 years lending and banking experience we can guide you into the right product, offer a mortgage refixing service as well as options on how to save interest.

Our name ‘Mortgages Made Easy’ says it all. We are able to assess your borrowing ability quickly and complete everything by email or phone 0800 22 77 66. We can also call you at your convenience.

The mortgage market is a moving environment with constant changes to banks/lenders policy as well as interest rates.

For a quick mortgage assessment, click here so we can personally assess your individual circumstances and guide you through the best options.

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Terry Meredith – Director

A few good reasons why people choose Mortgages Made Easy

  • FREE independent service on your mortgage options
  • Negotiate interest rate and fee discounts and possible contribution to your costs
  • Access to most banks and lenders to calculate your maximum borrowing limit and find the most suitable loan
  • Information on Kiwisaver and First Home Buyers subsidy
  • Guidance through the purchasing process from pre-approval to possession
  • Convenience through online application process

Why use the services of Mortgages Made Easy?

Mortgages Mades Easy Ltd services are free. You will only need to complete one application form and we can shop around to save you time and money. Not all banks have the same lending criteria so one bank could decline your application while another could approve you.

At Mortgages Made Easy we can work out straight away which bank will look to approve your application as we have access to the bank’s lending calculators and criteria. We will also look at the best structure for you and shop around for the best rates and deals.

With 20 years lending and banking experience we can guide you into the right product!

Complete a mortgage assessmentComplete a mortgage assessment

Take advantage of our experience & knowledge call Mortgages Made Easy today! Email or call us: 0800 22 77 66

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